It's simple. We create great marketing ideas, then use our expertise to make them happen.

Welcome to Intygra. We're a marketing services production agency who specialise in helping household name organisations get more from their direct marketing.

We work closely with our clients to create exceptional communications across both print and digital channels. Our proactive approach means we're more a partner than a supplier, a trusted member of the team who makes sure our clients get the maximum value from their marketing spend and that every campaign looks brilliant and lands on time. Creative, conscientious and cost effective, we add value to campaigns of every size, making comms work harder so they deliver the right results. If that sounds good, then read on to find out how Intygra can help take your marketing to another level.


Good ideas are the key to great marketing, and we pride ourselves on our highly creative approach to crafting campaigns.

Whatever you need, from a nationwide promotion to a precisely targeted approach, we've the ideas and insights to make it happen.

The best ideas don't just appear out of thin air. Instead they're the result of a detailed process based on a thorough understanding of marketing and brand objectives. Armed with that knowledge we can create campaign solutions that deliver real ROI, not just once but again and again. That's because we're obsessed - in the best possible way - with continuous improvement. The world is constantly changing, and in order to stay relevant we believe an organisation's marketing should evolve in the same way. It's an attitude that means we never rest on our laurels; what worked yesterday won't necessarily work today, so if there's a better way to reach a particular audience and achieve a campaign's goals then we'll find it. And if that means starting again from first principles then so be it; rehashing existing ideas and calling it original thinking isn't our style.


Our production specialists understand the fine art of creating truly effective multichannel communications.

Their expertise means we can produce custom-built campaigns that range from simple social media posts to full scale cross media initiatives. The result takes the guesswork out of campaign creation, enabling you to test different approaches and tap into new revenue streams.

Great ideas are one thing, turning them into equally brilliant and easily actionable campaigns is quite another. That's where our team of production experts really come into their own. With expertise in everything from graphic design, digital development and data analysis to manufacturing, project management and quality control they're adept at translating even the most ambitious marketing ideas into practical, powerful campaigns. Of course even the best-resourced organisation occasionally requires outside expertise. In that situation we call on our roster of partners who supply us with whatever skills we need. Needless to say we keep an incredibly close eye on both their costs and the quality of their work, so you get exactly what you need without ever having to compromise.


When it comes to audiences, one size rarely fits all.

Instead we believe in a bespoke approach that optimises ROI by carefully identifying and targeting a specific audience, eliminating waste and increasing impact along the way. Think of our technique as a sniper's rifle rather than a blunderbuss - accurate, powerful and highly effective.

The key is making your data work harder so you only approach audiences who are receptive to your message. Our data health and suppression services make sure you aren't wasting budget by mailing recipients who've changed address, while our data analytics bureau verifies the socio-demographics of your database to support cross-media campaigns. Then there's the actual approach itself; even the most detailed audience mapping and beautifully produced marketing material won't yield the right results if its message is wrong for its recipients. So we make sure we speak in a way that's right for them, balancing what you need to say with what they want to hear. By starting at the end of the communications process – with the people who'll eventually read and respond to your message – we maximise your ability to generate both revenue and support for your cause.


Campaign management is the bedrock of our expertise.

We live and breathe every detail of every project at every stage, from initial thinking through to final delivery, keeping it all on track so you get a practical, cost effective solution every time.

Delivery brings its own particular set of challenges, not least understanding how an apparently insignificant change in one part of a campaign can have unforeseen consequences in another, unrelated part. So while we do everything humanly possible to eliminate risk we also make sure we've anticipated all potential issues - anything else would be naïve or even negligent. As part of this we evaluate every campaign management decision to make sure it will enhance rather than derail delivery. To help us we've developed a flexible supply chain that allows us to provide multi-level contingency planning so we're always prepared no matter how events unfold. We also run multi-point quality checks on every element of a project, with each component cross checked to make sure it matches all relevant brand guidelines.

About us

Call us guides, guardians or allies - our job is to help Intygra clients get the maximum value out of their marketing communications.

When we started out in 1979 we wanted to provide our clients with marketing services that delivered a real, practical benefit. Today, almost four decades later, we're proud to say that's still our goal.

While our objective is the same as when we began, Intygra itself has changed significantly. We started life specialising in printed mailing and marketing communications; today we've grown into a full-service provider of creative marketing, project management and communications services. Along the way we've acquired a wealth of experience across the financial, retail, travel and mail order sectors, with a particular focus on helping third sector/charitable organisations of every size.

What exactly can Intygra offer your organisation? For a start there's our marketing spend consultancy, designed to make sure you're using the most effective route to market from a cost and quality perspective. Then there's our multi channel creative service, producing effective, engaging content for every audience and media format.

Our data health and analytics team can help you understand your audience in the most exquisite detail and make sure your message reaches them, while our cross media management and delivery expertise guarantees skilful sourcing, management and execution of every campaign, with seamless integration between every stage.

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